Avocado Egg Toast

avocado egg toast

Avocado Egg Toast is my all-time favorite breakfast. I don’t care if that makes me basic, if it’s old news, if or if sweet potato is the new toast. My old reliable Avo Egg Toast will never let me down.

Here’s why I love this breakfast so much.

It’s a perfectly balanced meal. You’ve got protein from the egg, healthy fats from the avocado, and fiber-filled carbohydrates from the whole-grain sprouted toast. Gang’s all here! Why is this important? Well, that’s definitely a post for another day, but essentially balanced meals create optimal blood sugar activity for you to stay energized and full for hours after a meal.

Speaking of staying full, this meal is SO FILLING. I’ll have this for breakfast and not even think about food for 4-5 hours. Having a filling, nutritious is incredibly important for productivity and starting your day off right!

And even though this meal is only 3 ingredients, you can keep it switch it up with different toppings. I’m not one of those people who can eat the same thing every day. I’ll deal with leftovers for a couple of meals max. But I like to keep things interesting in the kitchen. That being said, I’ve consistently enjoyed my Avocado Egg Toast for probably like 3 years now!

Finally, this breakfast is so quick and easy. I think it takes a shorter amount of time for me to makes this meal than it does a smoothie. Especially with all those add-ins and getting the texture right – ugh smoothies are so high maintenance! Anyways, just get your toast toastin, throw that egg on the stove in a little EVOO, spread that avocado, add your egg and toppings, and you’re done in minutes.

I switch up how much avocado I put on it depending on the other toppings. I’ll use half if it’s a small avocado and I’m including cheese, or another high-fat topping. I usually keep it to one egg though, because I don’t like huge breakfasts. But your toast + avocado + fried egg is the base. Let your wildest avo toast creations come to fruition with toppings! 

Topping Ideas:

  • Goat cheese, diced Vidalia onion, and truffle honey
  • Salmon, cream cheese, capers
  • Roasted garlic and chili flakes
  • Diced strawberries and feta cheese
  • Roasted sweet potato and arugula
  • Tomato slice and fresh cracked pepper
  • Chia seeds

And not to be overlooked, here is an EGG-cellent video and on How to Fry an Egg.

Have a great weekend everyone!!