About Me

Hi there! My name is Amy. I am a dietitian and nutritionist in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nice to meet you! I’d love to tell you a little more about me.

Why The Balanced Dietitian?

I named this blog The Balanced Dietitian because I believe that a healthy lifestyle comes from a balance of many habits and behaviors. These include a nutritious diet, exercise, emotional well-being, stress management, and spirituality. A well-balanced lifestyle is what I aim for (but don’t always reach) each day. In fact, for years I struggled with my weight, overeating, and accepting myself. And while I’m still not perfect and never will be, I’ve learned a few things along the way.

These days I stay pretty busy. I have a full-time job at FRESH Communications, provide nutrition counseling, strive to exercise at least a few times each week, and still want to have time for my relationships, traveling, reading, sharing information here and on socials! So for me, food needs to be easy, quick, nutritious, and obviously delicious. I love creating recipes, implementing strategies, and finding tools to make living a balanced lifestyle realistic and achievable. I hope to make this information valuable to you, and applicable to your lifestyle.

My Food Philosophy

Born and raised in New Orleans, I understand and embrace the influence food has in our culture and our lives. It embodies tradition, joy, and much more meaning than numbers on a nutrition label. That being said, I believe we eat foods that nourish the body and soul. Real, whole, nutrient-dense foods should be enjoyed the majority of the time so that there’s room for the soul food every now and then. I learned the hard way that extreme restrictions and diets don’t work. My mindset has now shifted to nourishing my body with foods that provide essential nutrients to promote health and vitality. I don’t count calories or macros because I focus on quality ingredients and trusting my body to tell me what it needs and when I’ve had enough. I’ve been working on improving my relationship with food and making time for health for years, and I still learn new things every day.

My ultimate goal through this blog and in my career is to use my educational and personal experiences to help others find their own happy, healthy, balanced lifestyles. Here you’ll find anything and everything related to food, health, wellness, and experience to help you do exactly that.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me. Thanks for visiting The Balanced Dietitian!